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Exam Schedule - Spring 2017

For A&S Undergraduate, Undergraduate Business, and Leadership Studies

Final exams must be offered as scheduled on the University's published Final Examination Schedule. While instructors can offer additional times for students to take an exam (if a suitable space is available), these must be optional, and the exam must be also offered at the originally scheduled time.  The same policy applies to those activities that may replace final exams in some courses, including presentations, tests, oral examinations, etc.

(Printable PDF version of the spring 2017 exam schedule)





S/U Apr 22-23

Study Period

Study Period

Study Period

M Apr 24

9AM – MWF, or MW, or WF, or MF, or M only.  

7:30AM – W only, or F only.

1:30PM – MWF, or MW, or WF, or MF, or M only

12PM – W only, or F only 

10:30AM-F only

After 4:30PM – Monday only

T Apr 25

3PM – MWF, or MW, or WF, or MF, or M only. 

1:30PM – W only, or F only.

12PM – TR, or T only

10:30AM – R only

After 4:30PM – Tuesday only

W Apr 26

10:30AM – MWF, or MW, or WF, or MF, or M only. 

9AM – W only or F only.

9AM – TR, or T only

7:30AM – R  only

After 4:30PM – Wednesday only

R Apr 27

8AM – MWF, or MW, or WF, or MW, or M only. 

7:30AM – M only.

12PM – MWF, or MW, or WF, or MF, or M only. 

10:30AM – W only

After 4:30PM – Thursday only

F Apr 28

1:30PM – TR, or T only

12PM – R only

4:30PM – MWF, or MW, or WF, or MF, or M only, or W only

3PM – W only, or F only

3PM – TR, or T only.

1:30PM – R only

S Apr 29

4:30PM – TR, or T only, or R only

3PM – R only

10:30AM – TR, or T only

9AM – R only

7:30AM – TR, or T only.

  • All School of Professional and Continuing Studies courses follow the SPCS exam schedule and must be taken as scheduled.
  • Students who have more than two examinations scheduled on the same day, first check with your instructors.  If, after consulting your instructors you still have a problem, see your dean.
  • No classes and no examinations are to be held during Study Periods.
  • The examination for one section of a multi-section course may be taken in another section if the instructor is the same for both sections and gives permission.
  • Except for the Special Note below, students are to take final examinations as scheduled.  No rescheduling, excuse for absence and/or provision for making-up final examinations will occur without the approval (in writing) of the dean of the student's school (A&S students-see Coordinate dean).  Such approval shall be made only for illness certified by a physician, participation in authorized University activities, and/or personal emergencies such as death in the family.
    • Special Note for Religious observance:  As noted in the University’s holiday policy, students who wish to observe a holiday or Sabbath which will make it impossible for them to take final examinations as scheduled, must inform their instructor within the first two weeks of the semester, so alternative arrangements convenient to both the student and instructor can be made. 
    • Special Note for A&S Only:  Student self-scheduling of final examinations is allowed at the option of the respective instructors.