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Registration Checklist

Before registration begins, please make sure you have completed the following:

Schedule Your Mandatory Advisor Meeting
You will not be permitted to register for classes until you have met with your advisor and he/she has marked you as advised in BannerWeb. 

Confirm Your Registration Class
Make sure you know with which class you’ll be registering. Check your registration class at the top of your GradTracker audit, then review the registration rotation for registration times. For example, if you are CURRENTLY a junior, you register in the junior timeslot. 

Check Holds/Advised Status
Using BannerWeb, check to see your advised status and if you have any holds that might prevent you from registering for classes. Clear these holds with the appropriate office before registration begins.  To check your advised status in BannerWeb, click Registration>>Check Your Registration Status>>(select the term for which you are registering from the drop down menu).­ If after being advised, your advised status still shows “NOT ADVISED,” contact your advisor (see first bullet).

Check Prerequisites and Corequisites
In BannerWeb, click on a class’s CRN, then the title to find out what other classes you might have to have already taken or might need to be currently taking in order to register for that class.

Take Care of Overrides
Make sure you have arranged for necessary overrides to be implemented by academic departments.

Check Your UR E-mail Inbox 
Make sure you have read any and all e-mails or  SpiderBytes from the Office of the Registrar. Also, be sure to check out for up-to-date registration information.

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The University of Richmond does not honor exceptions and registration re-entry in the case of situations that could have been resolved beforehand.