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First Year Core Course

Required only for students entering Richmond prior to Fall 2010. Students who entered Richmond prior to Fall 2010 who have not completed the CORE requirement must take FYS 100 First Year Seminar courses as substitutes for the CORE requirement.

This two-semester course explores some of the fundamental issues of human experience through close analysis of relevant texts drawn from a number of cultures, disciplines, and historical periods. In this course all first year students, together with a significant portion of the faculty, share a common syllabus, and thus engage in a common conversation.

A central goal of the course is to incorporate students into a community of learners from the very start of their collegiate careers. It is also hoped that the intensive reading, focused discussions, and frequent writing that typify the course will develop the fundamental skills required for subsequent coursework and life. Sometimes associated with the course are co-curricular events such as lectures and musical performances. This course is to be taken and passed by all students, without exception, in their first year of matriculation. It earns three academic credits per semester.