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COVID-19 Registration Information - ACTION REQUIRED

Registration for Fall 2020 for continuing students will begin again on Monday, July 20. The full registration rotation is available here.  You are still registered for the classes you chose in earlier registration periods; the July registration period is an opportunity for you to review, make updates to, and correct your schedule.

Over the last few weeks, the Office of the University Registrar has worked with deans, department chairs, and program coordinators to review the fall schedule and move classes to rooms that can both accommodate the class size and follow physical distancing guidelines. Because of the limited number of appropriately-sized classrooms, some classes had to be moved to new times. During this process, time conflicts may have been created within your schedule.

In order to check your schedule for time conflicts, you will need to log into BannerWeb, choose Student Records – Registration – Week at a Glance. Choose a week in the fall semester. If you have any time conflicts, they will be listed at the bottom of the schedule with the heading "Courses with time conflict." You must drop one of the conflicting classes and choose another class in its place. All time conflicts must be rectified by July 31. After that time, the registrar's office will review remaining time conflicts and choose one of the classes to drop for you.

My class has two rooms and meetings at the same time. Is this an error?

Some classes are meeting in two different rooms at the same time.  Both will show on your schedule. This is not an error. Your instructor will let you know which room to use when.

I was registered for a class that is no longer on my schedule. What happened to it?

Some classes had to be cancelled during the schedule re-building process. You will need to find another class to complete your schedule.

I need a class to fulfill a requirement but it is full or isn't being offered in the fall. What should I do?

Contact your advisor, the class’s department chair/dean, or the Academic Advising Resource Center for suggestions or alternatives.

When will I be able to put myself back on a wait list for a class?

For those classes using the wait list feature, students will be able to add themselves to wait lists beginning August 17.

How do I know if my class is online, in-person, or both?

In the Look up Classes to Add results, the location column will designate either the physical location of the classroom or that the course is online. If it is listed as Online, then all class meetings will take place online at the designated time. Classes not listed online will be taught in-person but may not meet every class session, as, for pedagogical reasons, the method of delivery may vary over time.

What building is my class in?

A list of building codes and descriptions can be found here.