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Degree Audit Process (Arts and Sciences, Business, Leadership)

Once students have applied to graduate, the next step in the process is to complete audit forms with their advisor. These forms are mailed to students in mid-October (for May/August graduates) or mid-March (for December graduates). Specific instructions will be included with the forms, but the purpose of completing the forms is so that students can discuss what courses are needed for them to complete their degree requirements with their advisor. Also, it gives departments the chance to officially approve exceptions and substitutions to major/minor/concentration requirements.

Once the audit forms are completed, signed by the student, advisor, and department chair/Dean, and returned to the Registrar's Office, the Registrar's Office will begin to review the forms and make necessary adjustments to GradTracker audits. These adjustments may take several weeks to process during peak periods.

Prior to the beginning of the graduation term (after grades are posted from the previous term), the Registrar's Office will review the audits and registration of each student who has applied to graduate and returned audit forms. If students are showing as missing requirements prior to the beginning of the term, they will be contacted via Richmond email by the Registrar's Office (for Arts and Sciences students) or Dean's Office staff (for Business and Leadership students). Checks will be run again after the add/drop period, and at various points throughout the semester.

While the Registrar's Office does check degree completion periodically and will contact students when issues are discovered, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to register for and complete their degree requirements. Students who fail to complete and return audit forms on time risk having issues go undiscovered. Once the audit forms are complete, students may contact the following staff members regarding degree completion:

Bachelor of Arts (Arts and Sciences) - Dwayne Smith, (804) 289-8047

Bachelor of Science (Arts and Sciences) - Kristen Ball, (804) 289-8401

Bachelor of Arts (Leadership Studies) - Brianne Meagher, (804) 289-8398

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Business School) - Brianne Meagher, (804) 289-8398