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Posthumous Degree Policy 


A deceased student who did not complete all requirements for his/her degree at the time of death may be awarded a degree posthumously provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The student was in good standing at the time of death.
  2. The student was within 20 credits (6.0 units) of completing all requirements for his/her degree.
  3. The faculty of the school associated with the deceased student’s primary major approves the awarding of the degree upon recommendation of the school dean and after ascertaining that conditions 1 and 2 have been met.

The graduation program will note the degree was awarded posthumously. The certificate will be presented to the immediate family of the deceased student by an appropriate academic officer of the University.


The policy is unchanged except that condition 2 would require a student to be in his/her last semester or within 9 credits of completing his/her degree.

Updated April 22, 2013

Approved by University Faculty, January 25, 2006