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Fulfilling Degree and Graduation Requirements

In order to use your study abroad courses to fulfill major or minor requirements, you must obtain faculty approval. Upon approval to study abroad by the Office of International Education, you will need to download and complete a course abroad approval form and provide a syllabus or course description for each course used to complete major/minor or degree requirements. Send this information to the appropriate faculty member via email prior to an appointment or visiting the professor's office.

Faculty members designated to approve courses are:

  • Arts & Sciences: relevant department chair
  • Business: Dr. Thomas Cosse, associate dean, International Business
  • Leadership Studies: Dr. Terry Price, associate dean
  • Law: director of international programs
  • Foreign language courses: language abroad advisor in MLC and LAIS

A study abroad advisor in the Office of International Education can suggest programs where you are likely to find courses that suit your academic needs. Students also should review the host institution's website for course offerings and information. 

General Education Requirements

Field of study courses need to be approved by an "evaluating instructor." Refer to the course approval form page for more information. Students must go to the relevant department to approve general education courses. For example, for the FSLT requirement, students should seek approval from the chair of the relevant department (e.g., a Spanish or German literature course should be approved by the chair of the LAIS or MLC department). Students should go to the English department only for literature originally written in English.

Transfer Students

Students who transfer into the University of Richmond after 2 years of study at another institution may count 4 units of study abroad credit towards the 17.5-unit residency requirement. Students who transfer in after 1.5 years of study at another institution may count 1 unit of study abroad credit towards their 17.5-unit residency requirement.

Elective Courses

Courses taken as elective credit (those that do not count toward your major, minor, or field of study requirements) toward graduation do not need individual course approval unless it is a language course similar to one already taken at Richmond or a course not in a department awarding credit at Richmond.

Leadership Studies

Leadership studies students should meet with their academic advisor and/or the associate dean for Academic Affairs to discuss how particular study abroad courses might enhance their academic plan in leadership studies. Leadership studies majors and minors may count a maximum of 1 unit of study abroad credit toward the advanced course requirement. The course must enhance the student's academic plan in leadership studies as determined by the associate dean for Academic Affairs and the student's Jepson advisor.

Students must complete the LDST Request for Study Abroad Credit form, available on the Jepson School's website under Forms & Guides, and submit the form to Michele Bedsaul. Students also must complete the Office of International Education's Study Abroad course approval form and should submit the department duplicate to Michele Bedsaul.

Business Students

Specific program restrictions, course requirements, and transfer policies are applicable to Robins School of Business students. Refer to the Robins School website for more information.

Seniors Studying Abroad

Final-year students may study abroad; however, these students are highly encouraged to discuss implications for graduating with their academic advisor.  Business students must consult with Prof. Tom Cosse, Associate Dean of International Business.

Students who study on a UR semester abroad program during their final semester do not need a waiver of the residency requirement. Seniors planning to graduate in May and who are studying abroad in the spring semester often will not be able to participate in the May commencement ceremony. Students may need to select an August graduation date when studying abroad in their final semester.