The Office of the University Registrar works with academic advisors to prepare students for registration. Academic advisors assist students in making course decisions. Specifically, they work to ensure that students complete all degree requirements for graduation. For students in the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Business, Leadership Studies, and Graduate Arts & Sciences, advisors also change their registration status in BannerWeb, which enables them to register for classes. The Academic Advising Resource Center (AARC) does not change the registration status for students except in very rare cases where something unusual has occurred to keep the student from their regular meeting with an advisor. The advising and registration times are well advertised, and most advisors are good about contacting their advisees to remind them about setting up an advising appointment, so students who fail to meet with advisors at the last minute hoping to have their registration status changed by the Registrar's Office or AARC will be disappointed. This policy is in place because of how important the Registrar's Office believes advising is to students and to our University. This process is the best way for us to be sure students have an opportunity to see an advisor before they register each semester.

BannerWeb Instructions for Locating Your Advisee Lists

Advisors may use BannerWeb to download a list of their advisees. After you log in,

  1. Select the "Faculty Services" tab, and click on the "Advisor Menu" link.
  2. Select the "View Your Advisee Listing" link.
  3. Select the registration term from the drop down menu.
  4. The advisee list will be visible on the next screen in BannerWeb.

BannerWeb Instructions for Marking Students as Advised/Not Advised

Instructions on how to mark your advisees as "advised" or "not advised" in BannerWeb are available as a PDF.

Important FERPA Information for Advisors

Advisors should review FERPA information regarding students' FERPA rights and FERPA waiver cards.