Attribute Codes

List is current as of 6/15/2021.

Code Description
ABE2 ABST-Middle East elective
ABEL Arabic studies elective
AHEL Art history elective
AMER American studies electives
ANTH Anthropology elective
ARCH Archaeology elective
ARMD Late antiquity/medieval art
ARNW Non-western art history
ARRN Renaissance art history
ARTC Contemporary art history
ASEL Studio arts elective
BCGR BMB-Gene regulaton elective
BCSF BMB-Structure/function elect
BIBA Biology BA elective
BIEL Biology elective
BILB Biology elective w/lab
BIQP Biology Quantitative/Phys. Sci
BUSC Business Calculus Substitute
BUSI Business-International req
BUSS Business Statistic Substitute
CBCI CBL-Educ/Intern/Stu Teach
CBCP CBL-Collaborative Projects
CBGS CBL-Guest Speaker
CBSL CBL-Service Learning
CBST CBL-Study Trips
CGEL Cognitive science elective
CHEL Chemistry elective
CHIN Chinese Studies elective
CLEL Classics elective
COM2 Communication-Foreign Language
CREL Creative writing elective
CSEL CMSC elective
DAAT Dance Advanced Technique
DAEL Dance Elective in Music/Art
DSCS Data Science-CMSC elective
ECEL Economics elective
EDSL EDSO elective
ENDV Endeavor course
ENEL English elective
ENGA English group A electives
ENGB English group B electives
EVEL EVST electives
EVEX EVST experiential learning
EVLS EVST life science
EVRM EVST research methods
FLMA Film Studies Group A
FLMB Film Studies Group B
FMST Film studies course
FMWO Film elective outside US
FREL French elective
FSHT Historical Studies
FSLT Literary Studies
FSNB Natural Science, Biology
FSNC Natural Science, Chemistry
FSNP Natural Science, Physics
FSSA Social Analysis
FSSR Symbolic Reasoning
FSVP Visual & Performing Arts
GEEL German studies elective
GEEX Geography exper. learning req.
GEOR Geography research requirement
GOEL Geography elective
GREL Greek elective
GSAF GS: Africa
GSCC GS: Culture & Comm elective
GSCP GS: Complex Problems
GSD1 GS: Dev & Change group 1
GSD2 GS: Dev & Change group 2
GSD3 GS: Dev & Change group 3
GSDC GS: Dev & Change elective
GSDW GS: Pol Gov diplomacy/order
GSEE GS: Eastern Europe/Eurasia
GSEI GS: Pol Gov econ intergration
GSGP GS: Inl Econ global power
GSHC GS: Int Econ history/culture
GSIE GS: Int Econ economics req
GSLA GS: Latin America
GSME GS: Middle East
GSPE GS: Pol Gov elective
GSSA GS: Skills and Applied Courses
GSWE GS: Western Europe
HCAH HCS applied health studies
HCAM Healthcare Admin & Mgmt
HCRM HCS research methods
HCSE HCS ethics requirement
HCSL HCS Law, Phil, Bioethics, Hum
HIAL ALAMEA history requirement
HIEL History elective
HIEU European history requirement
HIUS US history requirement
HSEL HS-elective
HSHP HS-Human Perspective
HSNS HS-Natural Science
HSSS HS-Social Science
IBAF IBUS-accounting fin course
IBHU IBUS cultural knowledge
IBIE IBUS international econ course
IBMM IBUS marketing mgmt course
IBSS IBUS social knowledge
IBWE IBUS-work experience
INSC Integrated Science elective
ITEL Italian studies elective
JAEL Japanese studies elective
JOEL Journalism elective
JWSA JWST elective group A
JWSB JWST elective group B
JWSC JWST elective group C
LAEL LAIS elective
LAWC Law-Classroom course
LBEL Luso-Brazilian stud. elective
LDAE LDST advanced elective
LING Linguistics elective
LLC Living & Learning Community
LSK1 Lawyering Skills I
LSK2 Lawyering Skills II
LSK3 Lawyering Skills III
LSK4 Lawyering Skills IV
LW1 Law/Liberal Arts area 1
LW2 Law/Liberal Arts area 2
LW3 Law/Liberal Arts area 3
LW4 Law/Liberal Arts area 4
LW5 Law/Liberal Arts area 5
LW6 Law/Liberal Arts area 6
LW7 Law/Liberal Arts area 7
LW8 Law/Liberal Arts area 8
LWPR Law-Professionl Responsibility
LWXC Law-Experiential-Clinic
LWXP Law-Experiential-CPP
LWXS Law-Experiential-Simulation
MAEL Math elective
MEDE HCS elective
MGCO Management consulting elective
MGEI Management E&I elective
MGEL Management elective (ST)
MGOS Management OS elective
MGTI Management TM elective
MGTS Management systems elective
MIET MGMT-innovation & entrepreneur
MTEL MTEC math elective
MUEC Music Contemp/Non-Western
MUNW Music Non-western Ensemble
MUSC MUS-comp/theory focus series
MUSM MUS-musicology focus series
MUSP MUS-performance focus series
NRSB Neuroscience-related biology
NRSP Neuroscience-related PSYC
NRSR Neuroscience research
PHEL Physics elective
PHEX Physics experimental work
PHRE Physics Research
PLEL Political science elective
POEL Philosophy Elective
PPET PPEL Ethics Area Course
PPLW PPEL Law-related Area Course
PPPT PPEL Pol Theory Area Course
PSEL Psychology elective
REEL Religion elective
RHCS RHCS elective
RSCC Russian cultural studies elective
RSEL Russian studies elective
SOEL SOC elective
SOPI SOC power/inequality/diversity
SORG SOC regional/global studies
SOSI SOC social institutions/struct
SSIR Soph. Scholars in Residence
THEL Theatre elective
ULWR Upper Level Writing Req/Law
WEL1 Wellness:Alcohol Awareness
WEL2 Wellness Topics
WGFQ WGSS Feminist and Queer Theory
WGGV WGSS Gender and Violence
WGHP WGSS Historical Perspectives
WGKP WGSS Knowledge Production
WGSS WGSS elective
WGTP WGSS Transnational Perspective