Students are expected to attend all meetings of all classes (including lectures, seminars, laboratories and drills) in which they are enrolled. The specific attendance policy in each course, however, is determined by the instructor of the course, subject to the section on University Holidays below. At the start of each semester, the instructor is responsible for describing the class attendance policy in the syllabus and distributing it to students.

Academic events sponsored by the University under supervision of faculty advisors include, but are not limited to: theatre/dance and musical performances, debate, mock trial, model UN, conference attendance, ROTC field leadership exercise, and Oldham scholar travel. Because such events and varsity athletic competitions are recognized as integral to the educational experience, the appropriate college dean will provide official notification of student participation in these activities. It is also the student's responsibility to request such notification and to deliver it to the faculty member as early as possible in the semester. Faculty members will honor notification from the college deans that a student is to be excused for participation in a University-sponsored event. All other absences will not be officially announced by a dean, but may be excused at the discretion of faculty. Examples include, but are not limited to, class field trips, illness, funerals, and family functions. For more information regarding absences related to University or religious policies, review Religious Observances. The University encourages students to weigh the consequences of missing class and other sponsored academic or varsity athletic events, and to make their choices.

Misrepresenting the reason for class absences to a professor is a violation of the University's honor code.

Note: The Student Health Center does NOT provide "medical excuse" notes for students.

A student will be held responsible for all work of a class or laboratory missed during any absence.

Note: Students enrolled in School of Professional and Continuing Studies and Graduate School of Business courses must attend at least 75 percent of the class meetings--regardless of the reasons for absence--to be eligible to receive credit for the course.