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Frequently Asked Questions for Students about Code of Virginia ยง 23.1-405(C)

How does this legislation impact me as a student?

HB1 prohibits a university from disclosing a student’s email address, physical address or telephone number under the exception in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for directory information or the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) unless the student has affirmatively consented in writing to the disclosure. This restriction also applies to the university’s disclosure of one student’s information to another student.

As such, Richmond will no longer include student names and email addresses in the Web Directory and Google Address List.

As a student, how do I find out another student's contact information?

The legislation prohibits the university from disclosing a student's contact information to another student without written consent. Therefore, the university cannot directly provide you with another student’s contact information unless that student has consented to the disclosure. You may obtain a classmate's contact information directly from them or from a list or directory in which your classmate has given the university consent to post their contact information.

As a student, am I able to send group emails to other students?

The law restricts disclosure by Richmond, but does not restrict any disclosure by students or others of information they lawfully possess. For example, if a student organization collects and distributes membership rosters, that disclosure is not restricted by this law. However, Richmond may no longer provide the contact information for these group rosters. As a best practice, anyone may want to seek permission or permit objections before publishing the contact information of others.