Repeated Courses

Coursework may not be repeated for credit toward graduation except as sanctioned by the University; however, particular coursework may meet more than one requirement for graduation. An example of a sanctioned repeat-for-credit is the subsequent registration for a course in which the content changes from term to term, such as special topics or independent studies. Also, certain courses in a major or program may have to be repeated if the grade earned the first time does not meet requirements; in such a case, the credit will be counted only once but both grades will be calculated in the cumulative grade point average.

Courses taken on an audit basis cannot be repeated for credit unless approved by the appropriate dean.

Except in clear situations, the Office of the University Registrar should be consulted before registration to learn if a proposed repeat is sanctioned for credit or if sanction is possible.

All courses taken at the University of Richmond become a part of the permanent academic record. The grade for a course repeated at the University of Richmond becomes a part of the grade point average if the grade otherwise would be included in the computation.