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Current students may use BannerWeb to view their unofficial transcript; review holds on their accounts; look up classes to add; view current class schedules; view their student profile; and register, drop, or add courses. 

Faculty and advisors may use BannerWeb to view and download class rosters and advisee lists; look up classes for course enrollment; submit final grades; view their advisees’ profiles; and view their personal course schedule.

Both students and faculty/advisors may also access GradTracker through BannerWeb.

Instructions to Update Emergency Contact Information.

Need help logging into BannerWeb?  Contact the Help Desk.

Web Resources: Where Can I Find the Information I Need on BannerWeb? 

For Students - the BannerWeb Student Services Menu

In BannerWebStudent Services tab → GradTracker

  • Review course history
  • Check progress toward graduation
  • Run a what-if audit on potential majors or minors

In BannerWebStudent Services tab → Registration, you can find the following important information:

  • Adding or dropping classes (available during appropriate times of the year)
  • Current class listings
  • Current schedule

In BannerWebStudent Services tab → Student Records, you can find the following:

  • Unofficial academic transcript
  • Final grades
  • Holds, some of which could prevent registration
  • Student profile

For Faculty & Advisors - the BannerWeb Faculty & Advisors Menu

In BannerWebFaculty & Advisors, you can find or enter the following important information:

  • GradTracker
  • Class rosters, view or download
  • Course availability/enrollment
  • Final grade submission (only available at appropriate times of the year)
  • Personal course schedule

In BannerWebFaculty & Advisors Student Menu, the following information is available about a specific student:

  • Contact information (includes the names of persons authorized by a student to receive information from FERPA-protected education records.)
  • Holds on a student's registration
  • Course schedule
  • Advising student profile

In BannerWebFaculty & Advisors Advisor Menu, the following information is available about your advisees:

  • Current, unofficial academic transcript
  • Advisee list, view or download
  • Advising student profile