Students should consult the catalog and/or department for required prerequisites before registering for a course. Successful registration for a course does not mean that prerequisites have been fulfilled. A student registered in a course without the required prerequisites may be unenrolled from the course.

Limits of Work

A student normally enrolls for four or five units per semester. The minimum load for a full-time student is 3.5 units.

No student may enroll for more than 5.5 units or fewer than 3.5 units of work without the permission of the dean of his or her school. (Arts and Sciences - see college dean; Business and Leadership Studies - see academic dean.) Enrollments in either category are subject to special charges as specified in the chapter titled Financial Affairs. Students enrolled for fewer than 3.5 units are classified as part time.

Guidelines for Approval to Register Across Schools

Arts and Sciences, Business, and Leadership Studies students must complete the Approval to Register for a Class Across Schools form available in the Registrar's Office and are restricted in registering for School of Professional and Continuing Studies (SPCS) academic courses by the following provisions:

  1. Generally, registrations for SPCS courses that cover the same subjects as courses offered in Arts & Sciences, Business, & Leadership will not be accepted.
  2. No SPCS course may be used to fulfill a general education requirement and may only be used to fulfill major or minor requirements if specifically approved by the chair of the major or minor department (must be checked "Yes" on the form under "Approved for Major/Minor Credit".)
  3. Students may not take more than one SPCS course a semester and no more than four courses in cumulative total during their undergraduate degree. SPCS courses are not available to Arts & Sciences, Business, or Leadership students for registration until the first day of class and only on a space available basis.
  4. Students enrolled in SPCS courses are expected to abide by the SPCS academic calendar, including holidays (SPCS does not take a fall break) and examination period.
  5. Once completed, SPCS courses will appear on a student’s transcript and will count in their semester and cumulative GPA. Note: A 3-semester hour SPCS class counts as .86 units while a 4-semester hour class counts as 1.14 units.

Change of Registration

Students are able to register for classes through BannerWeb, a secured website that may be accessed at bannerweb.richmond.edu or through the University's website. Through BannerWeb, students can register for classes, add and drop classes through the end of add/drop period, view their class schedules, view grades for a specific term, and view their unofficial University of Richmond transcript. Students are responsible for all activity on their BannerWeb account including PIN maintenance, registration, and security. If a student has questions or needs assistance with any aspect of BannerWeb, the student should contact the Office of the University Registrar at (804) 289-8639 or registrar@richmond.edu.

Once registered, students may change their registration (add/drop) according to the published schedule. For a regular term, adds and withdrawals without academic record may generally be made during the first two weeks of classes. Summer terms have abbreviated add/drop and withdrawal periods, so please consult the summer academic calendar for those dates. After the end of the first 10 days of classes, but before the end of the 10th week, a withdrawal-with-record period is in effect where students may withdraw from courses provided that they consult with their College Dean, appropriate course instructor, and academic advisor. Students will receive a W grade at the time of withdrawal. Ordinarily, a student may not withdraw from a course after the end of the 10th week of classes except for medical reasons or other circumstances of similar seriousness as determined by the student's college dean.

Undergraduate Class Schedules

Class schedules are published for each semester and for the summer sessions. Schedules list courses that will be offered in the upcoming semester; refer to the school's catalog for a full list of courses available (but not necessarily offered in a given semester).

Refer to BannerWeb for the most up-to-date class schedule