Students have the following rights under FERPA regarding their education records:

  1. Access to education records
  2. Request for amendment of their education records
  3. Consent to disclosure of their education records
  4. File complaints with the U.S. Department of Education regarding University compliance.

FERPA Waiver Form

During orientation for incoming first year students, entering students have the opportunity to complete the online FERPA waiver form authorizing the University of Richmond to release any non-directory information to their parents or other persons they name. If they choose to complete the form, we will not automatically send grades or information to their parents, but will answer questions, should their parents contact us or should the University feel there is a compelling need to share that information. If they do not complete the form, they will be responsible for forwarding any grade or financial information (including bills) that they want their parents to see.

Viewing FERPA Authorizations on BannerWeb

Once a student completes the online FERPA waiver form, an advisor will be able to see whom the student has authorized disclosure to their non-directory information. Before discussing any non-directory information with a parent or guardian, advisors should view the FERPA information in BannerWeb. Go into BannerWeb via the secure login to the Faculty/Advisor section; then to the Advisor Menu; and either "View Your Advisee Listing" (column format) or "View FERPA Waiver Information" (search for students by name or ID). There will be a FERPA address block that shows whom the student has designated for release of information.

To review and inspect education records, students must complete the Request to Inspect Records application.