Non-Disclosure of Directory Information

To prevent third-party access to directory information, you may complete the Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information form. A confidentiality flag is then applied to your student records. The form is available upon request in the Registrar's Office.

The confidentiality flag on your record will stay in effect even after you leave the University unless you notify the Registrar's Office of your request in writing to rescind the flag. You should be aware that this confidentiality flag will keep us from responding to routine verification requests. Often potential employers or graduate schools will contact us to verify attendance, graduation date, majors, etc. (all directory information). Short of rescinding in writing your confidentiality flag completely, the only way we could respond to them would be as part of a written packet (faxed or sent through the U.S. mail) that includes a verification request along with a release form signed by you-giving us permission to release the needed information to a specific third party in order to respond.

FERPA Policy

Please review the University of Richmond FERPA Policy Statement to understand your rights pertaining to your education records.