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Entering First Year Students: Transferring Credit to Richmond

Here are the guidelines for receiving credit for courses by examination or by transferring credit earned during high school:

If you want to receive credit for either an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test or for college courses you've taken, you must have the examining agency or college send your scores or grades directly to the University.

Students seeking transfer credit for coursework transcripted by another school should also submit the Transfer Work Certification form if their coursework meets the following criteria:

Each course was

  1. Taught on the college campus, and;
  2. Taught by a regular college professor (not a high school teacher), and;
  3. Cataloged in the official college catalog, and;
  4. Offered primarily for enrolled college students (i.g. high school graduates).

If the coursework completed does not meet all of the above criteria the credit likely will not transfer, as most departments at the University do not award transfer credit for dual enrollment courses. (For a complete description of the dual-enrollment policy, please see the University's credit by examination policy.)

Transfer work and test scores are evaluated on a first-in first-out basis. While every effort is made to process them prior to registration, transcripts or scores received after July 14 may not be processed until after registration.

Note: If you have received an acceptable score on an AP exam and think you may be awarded credit for the exam, you should not register for a comparable course as a part of your schedule.

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