Transfer Credits from Non-Regionally Accredited Entities

The Program of a Non-Regionally Accredited Entity

For courses to be accepted for transfer credit the program, courses

  1. must be endorsed by the appropriate University of Richmond body (International Education Committee in the case of international programs or the appropriate school Academic Council in the case of a domestic program)
  2. must have an accredited institution of record as an alternative way of providing transcripts
  3. must be able to provide grade reports directly to the student if requested
  4. must use faculty whose credentials are comparable to those of faculty teaching under SACS regulations

If some of these criteria cannot be met, but the program is endorsed by the appropriate body in #1, then the Provost will be required to sign off on the approval.

The Courses for Transfer Credit

Individual courses are accepted for transfer credit from an approved program as described above provided they are approved through the same process used in accepting transfer credit from accredited entities, i.e. the department chair or program coordinator approves the course for transfer credit after an appropriate review of its content, quality, and level.

The usual transcripting procedures will be used by the Registrar's Office and the gpa will not be affected by transfer work.

Approved by Provost Aprille on October 29, 2004