Incomplete Grade Policy by School

The level of student's performance in class work and examinations is indicated by letters.

  • A (excellent)
  • B (good)
  • C (average)
  • D (poor) indicate that the work has been passed

The foregoing grades may be accompanied by a plus (+) or minus (-) to indicate a relative position within the grade category.

  • P shows credit has been earned in a pass/fail course
  • Z shows that a course was audited
  • S and U indicate satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance in non academic courses
  • W indicates that the student withdrew from a course

Marks indicating failure and included as such in the grade point average are:

  • F
  • V (failure because of excessive absences)

X indicates that the grade is not available from the instructor.

I and Y mean that coursework has not been completed by the end of the term. The I, which provisionally counts as a failing grade, is given when the reasons for incomplete work are deemed unjustifiable by the instructor. The work is to be made up by the date the instructor specifies, but no later than 45 calendar days from the last day of the term in which the I was given. If the work is not made up during the grace period, the I will be converted to F. The Y, which does not count as a failing grade, is given when the reasons for incomplete work are deemed justifiable by the instructor, or at the end of the first term of a course that continues into a succeeding term. There is no deadline for completion of the work unless the instructor so specifies except for the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. Once the course is completed, the earned grade replaces the I or Y for the School of Arts & Sciences, Business, and Leadership Studies and the law school (Y grade only). For the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, Y grades must be rectified by making up the incomplete work by the end of the succeeding term, unless special arrangements have been made with the instructor, or the instructor will assign an F. In the case of either an I or Y, once the make-up grade is received, it appears to the right of the make-up grade on the permanent record. In all cases, it is the student's responsibility to make arrangements for and progress toward the completion of an incomplete course.

Credit and Grade Point Average

The University of Richmond undergraduate School of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Leadership Studies uses the unit credit value. A unit is determined by a combination of factors that include contact time with a faculty member in a formal setting and expectations of independent student work through a nominal 15-week semester. One unit is the equivalent of 3.5 semester hours.

The grade point average is based on these factors:

  • GPA Units - The accumulation of academic units or credit hours that have grades to which grade point values are assigned; and
  • Grade Points - Given for each unit/credit grade according to this scale:

A+ 4.0

B+ 3.3

C+ 2.3

D+ 1.3

A 4.0

B 3.0

C 2.0

D 1.0

A- 3.7

B- 2.7

C- 1.7

D- 0.7

F 0.0

I 0.0

V 0.0


  • Calculation Points - The grade point average is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of GPA units/hours. The grade point average is represented to two significant decimal figures.

The accumulations and average are shown each term on the permanent academic record and on the transcript. Also shown on these reports is the accumulation of earned units/credits. Earned units/credits are the academic units in which the student has earned passing grades, plus unit credit, if any, for accepted transfer work.