Add/Drop and Withdrawals

Change of Registration

Students register for classes through BannerWeb. In BannerWeb, students may register for classes, add and drop classes through the end of add/drop period, view their class schedules, view grades for a specific term, view their unofficial University of Richmond transcript, and access GradTracker, the University’s online degree audit system. Students are responsible for all activity on their BannerWeb account including PIN maintenance, registration, and security. If a student has questions or needs assistance with any aspect of BannerWeb, contact the Office of the University Registrar at (804) 289-8639 or

Once registered, students may change their registration (add/drop or withdraw) according to the published schedule. For a regular term, adds and drops without academic record may generally be made during the first two weeks of classes. Summer terms have abbreviated add/drop and withdrawal periods, so please consult the summer academic calendar for those dates.

Add/Drop for Undergraduate Arts & Sciences, Robins School of Business, and Leadership Studies Students

The two-week (5-days for all business school courses and designated courses in other departments) add/drop period begins the first day of a semester's classes and lasts until the last day of the second week of classes. Students may add or drop courses through BannerWeb. In general, the system is available during this period 24 hours a day, with the exception of 6-10 pm some Fridays.

Some things to remember:

  • Some classes have only a one-week add period. See "5D" notations on BannerWeb.
  • Some courses and/or conditions require special approvals for reasons such as course restrictions, maximum hours, and limit overrides. See the respective department chairs to request an override of the restrictions. If the department approves an override, they will enter it into BannerWeb to allow the student to register themselves.
  • The add/drop period ends at 5 p.m. on the 10th day of classes.
  • Summer terms have abbreviated add/drop and withdrawal periods, so please consult the summer academic calendar for those dates.

For Graduate Business Students

Contact the Graduate Studies Office directly at 804-289-8553 for adding and dropping courses after the initial registration period.

Add/Drop for SPCS, Law, and MBA Students

Specific information, dates, and times for all other schools can be found on the academic calendar.


After the end of the first 10 days of classes, but before the end of the 10th week (end of the 7th week for law, MBA, and SPCS), a withdrawal-with-record period is in effect where students may withdraw from courses provided that they receive the acknowledgement of the appropriate course instructor, academic advisor, and college dean. Students will receive a grade of W at the time of withdrawal. Ordinarily, a student may not withdraw from a course after the end of the withdrawal period except for medical reasons or other circumstances of similar seriousness as determined by the student's college dean. Summer terms have abbreviated withdrawal periods, so please consult the summer academic calendar for those dates. To withdraw from the University, refer to the student development website or see the school dean for SPCS, law, or MBA.