Course Approval Form

Upon acceptance to study abroad, students will have access to download the Course Approval Form, which needs to be signed and submitted prior to study abroad in order to receive credit for major, minor, or general education requirements.

Students are recommended to have twice as many courses approved as they plan to take abroad in case first choice classes are not offered. Credit and grade conversion information is on each UR program brochure page on the Study Abroad website.

  • Courses taken as elective credit (those that do not count toward your major, minor, or field of study requirements) toward graduation do not need individual course approval.

Once you have obtained the required signatures (you, department chair(s) and your academic advisor) on the course approval form, submit the form to the Office of the University Registrar for processing. Please note Robins School of Business course approval forms are submitted to Dr. Thomas Cossé, Associate Dean of International Business.

If you take courses other than the ones approved on your course approval form, you will need to have those courses approved before they can apply to specific degree requirements. This can be accomplished while you are abroad or immediately upon your return. Please have your courses approved as soon as possible to avoid delays in your graduation auditing process.

Note that post-approval can be denied if the student does not provide sufficient material to justify awarding credit for a particular course taken abroad. It is recommended that students keep all syllabi, coursework, tests, quizzes, etc. until their credits have completely transferred to Richmond.