Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is BannerWeb?

    BannerWeb is the University of Richmond Web Information System for use by students, alumni, faculty, staff, and advisors. A secured Web product, BannerWeb retrieves and records data directly to and from the Banner database. All information is live and in real time. When you access BannerWeb, you are accessing the same information as a user connected directly to the Banner system. BannerWeb provides information in an easy-to-read format that is available from any computer connected to the Internet. We would appreciate any comments or feedback you have about your BannerWeb experience.

  • What if I don’t have a computer? How can I submit my grades?

    The Office of the University Registrar, located in the Queally Center, has dedicated BannerWeb computers available for use by faculty and students. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments are not necessary.

  • Which browser do I use?

    It is important that your Internet browser of choice be of a recent version. Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher are recommended. If you have an older browser version, please contact the University of Richmond Information Systems Help Desk at 287-6400 to arrange for an upgrade. Note: Using an older browser version may prevent access to BannerWeb.

  • Where do I go to get to BannerWeb on the Internet?

    BannerWeb can be accessed directly through the BannerWeb homepage.

  • What information do I need to log in to BannerWeb?

    You will need your eight-digit University ID Number and six-digit PIN to access BannerWeb. If this is the first time to access BannerWeb, go to for information on your initial Login. You will immediately be prompted to change your PIN to a unique six-digit number. Be sure to write this number down and save it in a secure place for future reference. Do not give your PIN to anyone else. University Policy prohibits access to the system by anyone other than the authorized user.

  • I’ve forgotten my PIN or my account has become disabled. What do I do?

    If you have forgotten your PIN, you must contact the Help Desk at x.6400.

  • Is there a time limit on BannerWeb?

    Yes. For your protection, if your BannerWeb session has more than 60 minutes of inactivity, your session will be terminated and you will be prompted to re-enter your ID and PIN.

  • What if I get lost or stuck in BannerWeb?

    If you are having trouble or need to exit BannerWeb, always click on the EXIT button on the top right of the page. Any data that you entered on the page will be lost.

  • Whom do I call for help?

    If you are having problems specific to BannerWeb or need assistance, contact the Office of the University Registrar at (804) 289-8639. If you are having browser or network related problems, contact the Information Systems Help Desk at (804) 287-6400.