Standard Class Timeslots

Timeslot Benefits

  • Increased flexibility within a uniform schedule across schools
  • Increased accessibility in scheduling cross-listed courses
  • Consistent class periods throughout the week

Schedule and Guidelines

The chart below illustrates the timeslots for the standard class schedules.


The meeting patterns for the new schedule are:

  • MWF-for 50-minute classes that meet three times per week
  • MW, WF, TR, and MF-for 75-minute classes that meet two times per week
  • One-day-per-week classes may be scheduled any day of the week, in accordance with constraints.

Additional guidelines

  • No more than 10% of total school/department classes offered in any one timelsot.
  • All classes, regardless of length, must begin at the official starting times.
  • Departments/schools may schedule up to 50% of their classes during periods 2–4 (prime time).
  • Various MWF or MW, WF, MF patterns must constitute at least 50% of each department's offerings.
  • MW classes must equal number of WF plus MF classes.
  • Once-per-week classes that start prior to period 6 must be paired according to one of the two-day per week patterns (MW, WF, MF, TR).
  • Departments may schedule up to two pairs of once-per-week classes that cross into periods 2 and 3.