Instructions for Entering Final Grades

BannerWeb allows instructors to enter final grades for sections in which they are listed as the primary instructor. Grades can be changed on BannerWeb until they are processed according to the final grade submission deadlines. Once a grade has been processed, no further changes can be made on BannerWeb during the grading period. Instructors wishing to change a grade after the deadline must submit a change of grade form, which can be found on BannerWeb.

For your protection, when you have finished your BannerWeb session, please click on "EXIT" and close your browse.

Learn more about grades using the new BannerWeb process.

To enter grades using the traditional method

1. Access BannerWeb on any computer with a functioning Internet connection.

Note: It is important that your browser's "cookies" be enabled in order to access BannerWeb. Most browsers enable cookies by default, and it will alert you if they are disabled.

2. Click on "Secure Login," then enter your netID and password. If prompted, read the terms of usage and click "CONTINUE."

3. You are now at the Main Menu. Click on "Faculty Services."

4. You are now at the Faculty Services Menu. Click on "Final Grades."

5. You will be prompted to "Select the Term" you wish to use. Select the appropriate term using the drop down menu and click the "SUBMIT TERM" button.

6. You will then be prompted to "Select the CRN" (Course Reference Number) you wish to use. The drop down menu displays the course title and CRN for all sections in which you are the assigned instructor. You are only permitted to submit grades for courses for which you are listed as the primary instructor. Select the course for which you would like to enter grades at this time and click the "SUBMIT CRN" button.

7. The "Final Grade Worksheet" for the course you selected will display. Using the drop down menu, select the appropriate letter grade for the student. Do not enter any information in the 'Attnd. Hours' or 'Last Attend Date' columns as this information is not used by the University of Richmond. Students who have withdrawn or are auditing the course will have a W or Z in the grade field. Once a grade has been processed, it may not be changed using BannerWeb.

Note: For security reasons, your BannerWeb session will terminate if it has been inactive for more than 60 minutes. Any information that you entered but did not submit will be lost. It is recommended that you click the "SUBMIT GRADES" button often to avoid the early termination of your BannerWeb session. You must click SUBMIT GRADES before accessing successive pages of your gradesheet, otherwise your changes will be lost!

8. When all the grades have been entered for the course, click the "SUBMIT GRADES" button at the bottom of the page. The Final Grade Worksheet will re-display with a message indicating that your changes have been saved. At this time, you may wish to review and print the page for your records. Simply click on your browser's print button. If you need to make changes or corrections, do so and then re-click the "SUBMIT GRADES" button. You will be able to access this grade worksheet using BannerWeb to make changes until the final grade submission deadline.

9. To select another CRN, use the "CRN Selection" menu option at the bottom of the page. After selecting the next CRN, you will be returned to the Faculty Services Menu and will need to click on "Final Grades" which will display the Final Grade Worksheet for the new CRN you selected. Repeat steps 7-8.

10. After you have submitted all grades that you wish to process, click "EXIT" at the top right of the page to end your session. For security reasons, immediately close your browser. Congratulations! You have completed the Final Grade Entry process on BannerWeb.