Name Change

The Office of the University Registrar will process name changes for currently enrolled students only. Currently enrolled students seeking to change their name should submit the following documents to the Registrar's Office:

  1. A completed copy of the Name Change Certification Form
  2. Supporting documentation as instructed on the form

Upon receipt of the form and supporting documentation, the name change will be processed immediately.

Currently enrolled students may have the need to change the name associated with their academic records to accurately reflect the name by which they are known in the larger world. Typical reasons for a name change include marriage, divorce, naturalization, use of a variation of the name etc. Former students may email the Advancement Office.

If you have a legal name change and request a diploma in that new name, your University of Richmond records will be changed to reflect that new name. After the University completes that step, your University of Richmond financial records, and your future academic transcripts will carry the new name. In order to effect a name change, you will need to complete a Name Change Certification Form, provide acceptable documentation that shows your new name.

Acceptable Documentation

The following types of documents can be used when submitting the form in-person at the Office of the University Registrar:

  • Photographic documents that show the new name. Typical documents are a driver's license, passport, military I.D., or alien registration card (Green Card).
  • Legal documents that show the former and new name. Typical documents are a certified copy of a marriage certificate, court order, divorce decree, or naturalization papers can be used to document name change for a complete change of first or last name.

If submitting the form by mail, a notarized affidavit can be used, declaring two variations as representing the same person. Please use the Name Change Affidavit.