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Grading Legend Reference

 Standard Grading Mode

  • A, A+, A-
  • B, B+, B-
  • C, C+, C-
  • D, D+, D-
  • F: Failing. This is used both in the standard (A,B,C,D,F) grading mode and in the pass/fail mode

Note: Once grades have been rolled they cannot be changed via BannerWeb. If the rolled indicator says YES you will need to complete a Change of Grade form, available under your secure login on BannerWeb. These forms can be found under the Faculty Services menu on BannerWeb.

Other Grade Options

  • I - "Punitive Incomplete" where I provisionally counts as an F in the GPA. The work for the class must be made up by the deadline indicated by the instructor, but no later than 45 days from the end of the semester. Instructors then have eight working days to report the grade via the Grade Change Form to the University Registrar. I grades not reported as made-up automatically convert to F. Once the course is completed, the earned grade replaces the I. In all cases, it is the student's responsibility to make arrangements for and progress toward the completion of an incomplete course.
  • P - "Pass" grade is when the student has taken the course using the pass/fail grading mode.
  • S - "Satisfactory" grade is used most widely in courses that do not offer a credit, ex: Wellness, PDP.
  • U - "Unsatisfactory" grade us used most widely in courses that do not offer a credit, ex: Wellness, PDP.
  • V - "Failure (Excessive Absences)" grade can be entered if a student has never attended or stopped attending the course. V counts as an F in the GPA.
  • Y - "Non Punitive Incomplete" has no impact on the GPA, but does impact the apparent load and earned hours of the student. There is no deadline for completion of the work unless the instructor so specifies for all schools except for the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. Once the grade is reported, it replaces the Y on the transcript for undergraduate Arts & Sciences, Business, and Leadership Studies students and law school students. In all other schools, once the make-up grade is received, it appears to the right of the incomplete grade on the permanent record. For the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, Y grades must be rectified by making up the incomplete work by the end of the succeeding term, unless special arrangements have been made with the instructor, or the instructor will assign an F. In the case of either an I or Y, once the make-up grade is received, it appears to the right of the make-up grade on the permanent record
  • W* - "Withdrawal" grade is given by the Registrar's Office based on student's submission of a signed Withdrawal Form and the grade indicated on the form by the instructor. All W grades will be verified against paperwork on file.
  • X - "Grade Not Available" is when the grade is not available from the instructor. An X grade may not be assigned on BannerWeb. To assign an X, contact Susan Breeden at 289-8400.
  • Z* - "Audit" grade information is in the undergraduate catalog All other schools, refer to your respective catalog for audit rules.

*Students who have withdrawn or are auditing the course, will have a W or Z in the grade field and the rolled indicator will be "YES." Once a grade has been rolled, it may not be changed on BannerWeb