Visiting Away

Students who wish to study away from the University of Richmond for a semester or year on a domestic program and maintain "active" status, must participate in a program that has been approved for visiting away as well as obtain individual student approval. Domestic programs are considered to be formal academic offerings coordinated by other institutions in the United States for students from outside the institution. (Simply taking courses at another institution in the United States is not considered a domestic program.) Students leaving the University without approval for visiting away status must withdraw and apply to the appropriate dean for readmission.

Program Approval

Visiting away (domestic) programs must be approved by the Academic Council of the appropriate school for a two-year duration. The Office of the University Registrar maintains a list of these approved programs that is subject to change and will be reviewed on a periodic basis. Department chairs and program coordinators refer to the program approval guidelines before submitting a program to the Academic Council.

Student Approval

Students wishing to apply for visiting away status for an approved domestic program must submit a completed University of Richmond Visiting Away Program Application form to the Registrar's Office. This information must be received by November 1 for the following spring semester and by March 1 for the following fall semester. Upon receipt of this information, the student's application will be reviewed and if approved the student will be assigned off-campus (OF) enrollment status. Enrollment in "OF" status entitles the student to remain as an active University of Richmond student in terms of their priority registration, housing, library access, mailbox, e-mail account, and certain types of financial aid (e.g. loans and Pell Grants). Students with "OF" status will not be billed for tuition as University of Richmond students during the semester(s) away nor considered as a full-time student enrolled at the University.