School of Law

Students shall register according to the instructions that are provided for each term. A student will not be permitted to attend class until his or her name has been entered on the official roster of that class by the University Registrar and arrangements satisfactory to the University have been made for that term's fees.

A student may register late, add courses, or opt for audit status in a course through the 10th class day of the semester provided that the specified approvals are obtained and fees, if any, are paid.

A student may withdraw from courses without academic record through the 10th class day of the semester. Withdrawals after this time will be shown on the academic record, and the student must present an adequate reason, receive the approval of the associate dean, and follow any specified administrative procedures including the payment of fees, if any.

Second- or third-year students may not register for more than 17 semester hours in any semester without special permission of the associate dean.

Law School Class Schedule Course Selections

Course selections are published for each semester and for the summer sessions. Schedules list courses that will be offered in the upcoming semester; refer to the school's catalog for a full list of courses available (but not necessarily offered in a given semester).

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